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Our Story

Specializing in high-end custom homes, Heltzer Development Group lnc is a Premier Residential Home Builder and Construction Management firm. Heltzer provides general contracting services, including pre- construction services as well as Construction Management services, also referred to as Owner Authorized Representative (OAR). ln either role, Heltzer frequently assists in assembling the entire project team: including Architects, Designers and Engineers.


With nearly three decades of experience and a long list of satisfied clients, Heltzer brings to each project the experience they have gained in planning, design and construction.


The philosophy of Heltzer Development Group lnc is every great home resulted from assembling and managing a great team. Every Heltzer project involves building a quality team of experts who will strive to achieve the highest quality project from an architectural and construction perspective. Starting with the land, to the architect and designers that are essential in reflecting the client’s desires and wishes to all related engineers and sub-contractors.


Simply said: “lf it doesn’t start right it doesn’t end right”.

Robert Heltzer

Robert Heltzer represents the third generation of builder/developers in his family. He founded this company to uphold the ideals of his family’s business and adapt them to the present and future. Over the past 25 years, Robert has been involved with nearly every facet of real estate development and construction including acquisition, planning, management, construction and marketing.


He has been involved as General Contractor, Owners Representative and Project Consultant on custom homes totaling over $350 million in construction. ln addition to his extensive background in custom home building he has been involved in the development and construction of over half a million square feet of commercial and industrial property.


Robert’s diversified portfolio includes custom home master planned communities, luxury condominiums, multi-unit residential projects, and planning of golf course communities. He possesses a keen sense of architectural design and how it best relates to the market at hand. His reverence for tradition enables him to pursue excellence while minimizing risk and enhancing profit potential.


Robert is responsible for architectural design review and management for all Heltzer projects as well as construction administration and scheduling. His philosophy on building quality homes begins with “building a quality team from day one”. Robert typically assembles the project team for Heltzer clients, including: Architects, Designers and Engineers. He feels this brings cohesion to a project and allows for a smooth process upon commencement of construction.